The Criaators

A dynamic community of young, talented and tech-savvy digital strategists most passionate & are available round the clock, here to help merge an ideal match to your diverse user and business personas. 

Our combined/collective experience & expertise will ensure you reach your target audience with the desired intent and help achieve the highest Return on Investment (ROI). 

Our love for strategies and tactis is what we are known for at Criaa, in this rapid world of digitization. 

Our Grandmasters

The Team

Sawan Kishore

Co Founder Digital Marketing

Daiveekram J

Co Founder Design & Tech

Nikhil Nandalike

Account Manager

Sanjay J

Graphic Designer

Chanchal R

Social Media Manager

Samhitha Bhat

Content Writer

Adarsh DS

3D Visualiser

Ram Kishore

Account Manager

Pavan Gowda R

Social Media Manager